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87 Arizona Recovered Remains/87 Restos Recuperados en Arizona

Fiscal Year October 1st, 2014 to July 31st 2015

El Año Fiscal del 1 de octubre al 31 de mayo, 2015 al 31 de julio, 2015

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Sat 9/7 at 12:00 noon NW Corner of Speedway and Swan Part of the unified national actions against a war on Syria. We need funds for job programs, healthcare and education, NOT billions wasted on war and destruction. This action is jointly called by Derechos Humanos, The Alliance for Global Justice and The International Action […]

The Immigration Bill: A Path to Citiz...

Advocates from across the country talk about the good, bad and ugly of the immigration bill that is making its way through congress. Guests include Kyle de Beausset (, Isabel Garcia (Coalicion De Derechos Humanos), Kathy Bird (Florida Immigrant Coalition) & Gaby Pacheco (Bridge Project) IMMIGRATION BILL:BERLIN WALL AT THE BORDER, PATH TO CITIZENSHIP OR […]

Derechos Opposes Hoeven-Corker Amendm...

Arizona Groups Call on National Immigrant Rights Advocates to Not Sell Out the Border For the past 20 years border communities have disproportionately suffered from an “enforcement first” approach to immigration policy. The size of the Border Patrol has grown more than five-fold. Residents within 100 miles of the border now live within a “constitution-free […]

Community Potluck: In the Shadow of t...

Derechos Humanos invites you to a Community Potluck:  In the Shadow of the Wall: A Community Report Back Friday, May 17th 6:30pm Armory Park Community Center 220 S. 5th Avenue Photo by Murphy Woodhouse A new academic study has analyzed the experiences of deportees all along the U.S. Mexico border. Please come to the presentation […]