Support of the AZ Boycott

An Open Letter to Our Social Justice Allies:

We Must Continue to Stand Strong in Support of the AZ Boycott!

Recent Events Highlight the Importance of Unity and Perseverance

We call upon our friends and allies in the social justice and human rights advocacy communities to continue to stand strong in the boycott of Arizona, renew the call for unity and stand in solidarity with community groups and members directly affected by the repressive, anti-(im)migrant, and repressive legislation and hateful rhetoric raging through the state.

Last year, in response to SB 1070, HB 2281, and other dangerous proposed legislation, a coalition of community-based groups and individuals unified to call for a boycott of Arizona. Efforts were specifically focused on conferences, tourist venues and musicians, which brought national attention to the attacks on vulnerable communities and created support. In solidarity, allied musicians and artists united last year to form the Sound Strike, a collaborative effort to raise awareness about SB 1070 and the Arizona boycott.  To date, more than forty-five artists have joined the Arizona boycott, and 475 artists have spoken out in opposition to SB 1070.*  The Sound Strike has provided much needed support to grassroots organizations such as  Phoenix-based Puente, and Tucson-based Coalición de Derechos Humanos, Save Ethnic Studies, and U.N.I.D.O.S.

Derechos Humanos was recently invited to join other groups to table in the lobby at the Los Lobos show at the Rialto Theater on May 6th in Tucson.  Our commitment to support the economic strategies being used to demand an end to hate laws like SB1070, HB2281, and recent proposed legislation that attack our communities made this participation impossible. We considered it to be the crossing of the picket line that the boycott represents.  Shows like these create an alternative niche for performing acts to court favor with our local grassroots organizations but at the same time diffuse the effect that boycotts and event cancellations have on pushing the issue to end the right-wing attack. It is clear that the boycott continues to have power. The omnibus SB1611 bill was clearly defeated due to the influence of 60 CEOs who were motivated by the economic damage the hate legislation has done to the state. Those same laws are still being re-introduced and we still are in an ongoing vigorous struggle against hate in our communities.

The recent events at the Tucson Unified School District School Board meeting on Tuesday, May 3, 2011, where school board officials collaborated with the Tucson Police Department to attempt to silence Ethnic Studies supporters, make it clear to the Tucson community that there must be no wavering in our commitment to social justice, and that efforts to support and expand the Arizona boycott must be escalated. It is important that we stand united in an economic strategy toward change in Arizona, since our politicians have closed their eyes and ears to our communities on these issues.

We continue the call for the cancellation of conferences, tourist events, and other state-revenue generating events in Arizona.  We call for the continued boycott of musicians and artists who are not part of the Sound Strike, and encourage those groups that have not yet joined the boycott or the Sound Strike to stand up and join the struggle for justice.  Some musicians and artists expressed solidarity with Arizona communities last year, yet they have hesitated to join the unified efforts of the boycott, which denies our efforts the added reach of their fan base and management.  We call upon these artists to stand with us in true solidarity!

Sound Strike lays out clear requirements to groups and venues to be in compliance with the boycott. We demand a strict adherence to these requirements, and a dedicated respect to the line that the boycott represents. We call for all people of conscience to assist in bringing attention to the continued attacks on our communities in any form, including legislation, the denial of cultural education, and the criminalization of workers in our communities.

There are currently no Sound Strike endorsed concerts scheduled in any cities in Arizona.

*Click here for more information about the Sound Strike, and to see a complete list of allied artists and musicians.

Read the article on the Arizona Boycott and the Sound Strike in the Phoenix New Times here

Call Out to Document Police Brutality at TUSD Board Meeting



Call Out to Document Police Brutality at TUSD Board Meeting!


Derechos Humanos, Migra Patrol-Copwatch and other allies of TUSD Ethnic Studies are collecting stories of abuse at the hands of law enforcement that occurred at the Tuesday, May 3rd TUSD School Board Meeting.


If you or someone you know feels that your rights were violated, or want to document or report abuse or mistreatment at the hands of officials at the Board meeting, the time to act is now! We need your stories and testimonies ASAP!



Derechos Humanos Abuse Clinic is every Tuesday and Friday at the Derechos Humanos office (631 S. 6th Avenue).  Appointments are not necessary, but a call-ahead is helpful for ensuring that we have enough volunteers.  Please call the Derechos Humanos office at 520-770-1373. Identify yourself as a victim or witness of abuse at the TUSD Board meeting.


Please do not delay, particularly if you have any bruises or injuries.  Bring any pictures or video you might have of the incident with you when you come in.


Call Now! Do not let any abuse go undocumented- Ya Basta!

Clergy speak out in support of Ethnic Studies


Contact Person: Rev. Alison Harrington

Pastor, Southside Presbyterian Church

Phone: (520) 623-6857 or (520) 548-6558



Clergy speak out in support of Ethnic Studies


TUCSON- Local clergy will show their support of Ethnic Studies by holding a prayer vigil in front of the Tucson Unified School District building at 1010 E. 10th Street on Tuesday, May 3. The vigil will begin with a press conference at noon on Tuesday.


At the gathering in front of the district offices religious leaders will call for the School Board to show their support for Ethnic Studies by refusing to take any actions that might undermine the program. Clergy will also be calling people of faith to be in prayer for the school board members, the students, and the teachers.


Whereas the Mexican American Studies program shows significantly higher testing and graduation rates within a vulnerable and historically marginalized group, it is the moral responsibility of faith leaders to speak out in defense of ethnic studies. The liberating message of the Gospels is itself rooted in the prophetic tradition of confronting oppressive state norms; just as the efforts of Tucson ethnic studies students have taken a courageous stance for social justice in organizing against HB 2281 and the school boards’ attempts to dismantle the program.


“For quite some time Arizona has been struggling to understand what it means to be a highly diverse community. This is not the time to silence the history and culture of parts of our community; it is a time to open our hearts and ears to one another’s histories and we believe that the Ethnic Studies programs are a crucial component to this dialogue. As clergy we are committed to building what Dr. King called the Beloved Community; we don’t believe this can be done if we don’t understand each other’s histories” said the Reverend Alison Harrington.


Several religious leaders representing a variety a denominational and faith traditions are expected to be in attendance. In addition, people of faith and conscience have been invited to attend and the entire community will be invited to come by the district offices to join in the prayer vigil which will last throughout the afternoon until the Board Meeting at 5:30PM.


“As a community of diverse religions, languages, and cultures, it is necessary that we not forget the richness that resides in the history of our people.  The Ethnic Studies program, by enriching the education of our youth, enriches our larger community and teaches us about the ever-important principles of tolerance and civil dialogue.  To all the students struggling to save the Ethnic Studies program, I say in the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; do not be discouraged, for you will not suffer disgrace.”  Fr. Bill Remmel, SDS




For more info, please contact:

Rev. Alison Harrington at 548-6558 or

Noel Anderson at (510) 334-0431 or (Spanish Speaking)

May Day 2011

May Day 2011 is only one week away–

spread the word! ALL OUT!may 1st 2011

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